Meet Your Perfect Color Guest
What do you need to eliminate anxiety and book every new color guest with confidence?

To see her hair and review her inspiration.
SnapSnip brings consultations online.
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The Confidence to Book it Right

Expecting your receptionist to understand how to book new color guests with the right stylist, for the right amount of time and the right services just doesn't work.

If you think it does, you are losing up to 150% in revenue growth this year.

SnapSnip puts the right information and booking decisions in the hands of your stylists, through a collaborative process where guests, stylists, and your front desk do what they do best.

HOW it works

Everyone Wins

Whether you're a solo stylist or a multi-location salon, SnapSnip online consultations are quick, easy, and fun!

1. Upload Selfies

Your guest uploads selfies of her current canvas, plus her inspiration pics, and then briefly describes her desired result.

2. Recommendation

One or more stylists collaborate to make the best recommendation and specify services, pricing, and appointment length.

3. Book it Right

You or your front desk contacts your guest with the confidence to book it right.

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See for Yourself

Send a sample SnapSnip appointment request to your salon's inbox. Presto! A customized email with all the information you need to ensure each new color guest is a guest for life.

Trust = loyalty

Retention & Ticket Price

Average retention, nationwide, is 22%. SnapSnip salons retain up to 82% of new color guests--and they spend up to 3X more than Walk-Ins or New Requests.

SnapSnip delivers the information you need before a new guest walks through your door.

Stop Booking Free Consultations
A free consultation at the beginning of an appointment seems like a good idea until your guest sits down expecting dimensional color, but was only booked for single process color.

We can do better. Let's book it right.

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  • Perfect for salons with 7 stylists or more
  • Partner-level influence on new features
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